Our History

Seed of Hope Center has served women in West Bend, WI since 1992. We are a non-profit organization that provides free services and resources to women facing unplanned pregnancies. Our goal is to provide the care and support needed for women to make life-affirming decisions. 

Mission Statement

Seed of Hope is a Christ-centered organization dedicated to empowering, equipping and restoring women, men and families to make choices regarding their reproductive health that are consistent with respect to all human life.

Vision Statement

Our community will support and embrace all life with God’s unconditional love and mercy, providing hope and a future for all.


Integrity – Seed of Hope Center is committed to earning the trust of those we serve by providing accurate and current information.

Excellence – Seed of Hope Center provides high quality, professional medical services.

Life – Seed of Hope Center believes that all life is a blessing and that everyone is created in God’s image.

Compassion – Seed of Hope Center meets those who we serve where they are at reflecting God’s mercy through all we do.

Love – Seed of Hope Center does everything in love for those who we serve because of God’s love for us.

Hope – Seed of Hope Center provides hope to all those who we serve through the services that we offer.

Our Board of Directors

Lee Kidney


Building Operations
Personnel Committee

Tracy Schroeder

Board Member

Board Secretary

Fred Beste

Board Member

Board Treasurer
Personnel Committee

Andrew Guminski M.D.

Board Member

Medical Director

Deacon Mark Jansen

Board Member

Vice President

Isaiah Richie

Board Member

Personnel Committee

Peter Kapler

Board Member

Development Committee
Marketing Chair

Bev Smith

Board Member

Baby Bottle Committee

Dani Grubbs

Board Member

Development Committee
Social Media Chair

Jenna Koch, LPC

Board Member