Hope and Healing

Loving, serving, and equipping women facing crisis pregnancies in West Bend, WI.

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Join our mission to protect life, share the truth in love, and provide quality care to abortion-vulnerable women.

Empowering Women

Providing Christ-centered support and resources that have empowered women to choose life since 1992.

What our patients say…

Everyone at the facility is great and genuinely kind hearted and care about your beliefs and you and your baby they welcome you with open arms without any judgement they follow up numerous of times just to check on you they provide so much helpful info with Medicaid, your baby, drs, and baby material I most definitely recommend this facility to every pregnant women under all circumstances you won’t regret it!!!!!!!


When I went in for a test they were so understanding and gentle, kind and compassionate. They were helpful with services they offered too. Grateful I went in.


Walking in this pregnancy center gave me peace, joy, and hope! I was greeted with kind and genuine service from woman who gave their time and talents to help others in their time of need. Each service provided was beyond excellent and founded on hearts to serve. Resources for Women gave me back confidence in myself and hope for the future.